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10 Benefits of Email Signature Management Software to Make Life Much Easier

In the numerous emails that you’ve exchanged, I’m sure you’ve seen email signatures at least a handful of times. You have probably wondered what they are and more importantly, what they do. If you’re still confused then you should know that an email signature is a block of text often found at the end of email correspondence. It helps shape your corporate identity, represent your company, and promote your events and websites, without any active campaigning. As you can tell, it is a really handy tool for anyone in the marketing industry.

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What is Email Signature Management?
Benefits of Email Signature Management:
1. A consistent style of company email signature
2. Centralized email signature management
3. Create email signature for different departments
4. Easy to use email signature marketing
5. Safe and easy email signature implementation
6. Cross-platform email signatures
7. Legal compliance
8. Scalability
9. No third party services
10.Preset several signature templates

What is Email Signature Management?

It can be quite difficult to manage signatures for each and every employee. On top of that, letting your employees design their own email sig could result in a poor portrayal of your company as they could look sloppy or contain inaccurate information. This could go against your goal of creating clean, professional-looking signatures for brand recognition. For this very purpose, using email signature management software is the best option. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, using the software can yield you 10 more benefits compared to other ways to create the email signature.

Benefits of Email Signature Management Software:

Benefits of Email Signature Management Software

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1. A Consistent Style of Company Email Signature

It can be difficult to maintain brand consistency in your tone, emails, and promotions. Sometimes, the information is not up-to-date or the necessary disclaimers aren’t in place or the signatures don’t work for all the different departments. All of this could demonstrate the lack of professionalism of your company. So, using email signature management software can eliminate inconsistencies in your branding and communicate a sense of legitimacy to the people your company is in contact with. The software creates a unified and professional image of your company. This way, you can make an impact with your e-signatures while also ensuring brand consistency.

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2. Centralized Email Signature Management

One of the biggest advantages of using email signature management software is that you can manage all your signatures in one place. The software unifies employees’ signatures and disclaimers and gives you control to centrally manage their look and feel. When you are able to centrally manage them, you can create consistent and standardized signatures with valid contact information for all your employees. This way, after you have created the perfect design, you can simply deploy and implement your signatures across your entire company.

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3. Create Email Signature for Different Departments

Consistent email signature branding across your company is crucial but it is equally crucial to have different versions of the company email signature for different departments within the same company. Each department has different goals to tackle and a different audience to target. The best email signature management software (which can be paired with the best email signature generator for better results) is versatile and would customize signatures for each department based on their need. In the example, the sales team could include promotions and special offers in their signatures while the technical support team could include their operating hours. This can add to the professionalism of the company and recipients can communicate directly to the relevant department.

4. Easy to Use Email Signature Marketing

Email signature management software is a great tool for email marketing as a whole. This type of marketing involves using an email signature with banners, turning signatures into signature marketing campaigns. An email signature software perfectly combines the two to ensure that your messages are getting communicated effectively without repetition. This advantage makes the software very easy to use among different companies as they can run banner campaigns without reinstating the signature. In addition to this, banners can give impressive results as they are attractive, creative, and compel recipients to respond with a reaction. Therefore, by using the software, companies can effectively share news, blog updates, and invitations using Call-To-Actions in their banners while also branding themselves with their signatures.

5. Safe and Easy Email Signature Implementation

A professional email signature generator combined with efficient email signature management software makes it very easy to put these signatures into practice. Once you give the software the design and your preferences, it automatically generates your signature and presents it to you in a ready-to-use form. When you distribute it to your employees and want them to add it to their emails, they can just use the copy-paste method. This simple method will suffice and your employees, especially if they are not so tech-savvy, won’t have to spend hours trying to learn different codes just to add the signature. On top of that, your IT team will probably thank you for opting to use the software instead of assigning them the task and saving them a lot of time.
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6. Cross-platform Email Signatures

This software makes it convenient for email signatures to be present across multiple platforms and ensures that they are displayed correctly across these platforms. These days, most emails are read on mobile devices so the software adjusts the pixels to ensure that the signature is readable when scaled down for mobile devices. It also reduces the size of your images so that they will load quicker. However, we do recommend that you thoroughly test the email signature template given to you by the software on different devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops before deploying it to see how it appears on the different platforms. This will also give you an idea of how it looks to recipients and gives you a chance to make any changes to see to it that it looks good across all platforms.

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7. Legal Compliance

It’s imperative to practice sound and ethical email signature management within a company. In order to guarantee compliance with the law, you must enforce legal disclaimers that are up-to-date or include confidentiality headers. Email systems are not so equipped to achieve full disclaimer compliance so using centralized email management software can be a good idea for your company. The software can implement variations of the different signatures based on the sender alongside the required compliant legal disclaimer.

8. Scalability

For any company, especially large enterprises, an email signature software outshines other methods of email signature marketing in terms of scalability. It is easy to increase the number of signatures to any number using the software but doing it on your own would be a Herculean task. Creating and monitoring hundreds, if not thousands, of email signatures for your employees is not an easy feat. That’s why this software is perfect for situations like this. Not only does the software take less time but it is also more methodical and undoubtedly, more systematic, also resulting in fewer errors.

9. No Third Party Services

One of the best aspects of this software is that there are no third parties involved. There is no burdening the IT department, the designing team, or even the developing team. Everything is under your command because you have full control over the designs and the templates and you can pick the colors, the theme, and the size. The software even satisfies the operational requirements of IT and updates automatically making it easy enough for the marketers to take control of it. Using the software is the best way to meet your own objectives regarding the signature without worrying about dumping excessive work on someone or having the signatures not turn out the way you wanted them to.

10. Preset Several Signature Templates

If you’re thinking about using the software, you might be concerned about having limited options. But you really don’t need to be because you can easily preset several signature templates on the software. One of the templates could be with the employee’s photo while another template could be with the company logo. This way, the software gives your employees a range of dynamic email signatures to choose from and they simply have to pick the template that they like the most. With email signature management solutions, you still have full reign over the overall structure.

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As you can see, this marketing software really possesses numerous benefits that can make your life much easier. Using the software not only saves you a lot of time, but it also saves you a lot of effort. It reduces hours of negotiating with several different parties and still helps you meet your marketing goals. Although we hope we have managed to convince you to start using email signature management software, if you’re still skeptical, then why don’t you try NEWOLDSTAMP for yourself? You never know, you might have just found your new favorite marketing tool. It is simple and user-friendly, has central management, improves brand identity, and increases website traffic.


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