8 Smart Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business in 2017

HelgaWritten by HelgaApr 03, 2017

We have put a nice roundup of digital marketing tools we think business and startups can use in order to grow their campaigns. This list includes 8 exclusive digital marketing tools that will help you build your business, but be sure to keep looking for the ones we may not have highlighted so far.

Grow your business easier with these:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for any SEO campaign. The keyword tools give editors important insights about labelling content. And when it comes to choosing a favourite one from the long list of the best keyword research tools, often marketers go with:

#Tool 1. Google Adwords Planner – it is one of the best digital marketing tools of 2017. It’s an easy tool to put into practice and it gives the information and related keywords you could use in your content, blog posts, social media, or videos.

Email Strategy

Ray Tomlinson invented the new method of connection in 1971 – it was an email. Email is still being used every day all around the world and it plays a huge part in digital marketing strategies. That is why you need to look into email tools and resources for support. And one of such tools is:

#Tool 2. Reply.io – it’s sales automation platform. This service allows to automate your sales outreach while keeping it personal as well as continue communication with your inbound leads.
#Tool 3. NEWOLDSTAMP – it’s an email signature platform and one of the greatest marketing tools to link to your website or social media networks. The service has incredibly simple design and a premium plan, thus helping even amateurs to set up solid email campaigns by using signature blocks.

Video Hosting

After creating videos, you have to publish them on some of the prominent video websites to attract followers. Besides a favourite YouTube website and YouTube Analytics tools, you can check what makes a video go viral with:

#Tool 4. Vimeo – there are over 45 million registered users and 200 million unique monthly viewers. The concept is to host some of the HD and ad-free videos and drive more viewers who are searching for unique videos.


You have to find out how really users engage with your website. Sure, there are a bunch of tools already on the internet. You can monitor your website and track the statistics with the popular one – Google Analytics. Or here’re some other useful tools that you can check out:

#Tool 5. Kissmetrics – it is user-friendly and considers to be one of the most affordable digital marketing tools for small business. It provides analytics features to help you drive conversions across all channels. Moreover, it gives helpful funnel reports.

#Tool 6. Adobe Analytics – Adobe provides deep customer insights allowing marketers to take quick actions. It’s a solution for business who wants to gather deep analytics on their product performance.

Social Media

Using social media tools in  B2B digital marketing strategy? Superb idea! According to the CNBC research, Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users and Instagram nears 1 billion. With such a large quantity of users on social media, it’s becoming one of the most significant channels to connect with potential leads. One of the greatest tools to do that is with:

#Tool 7. Sprout Social – a great social listening tool, reporting, analytics and multiple platform management for companies that want engage new customers and concentrate on dealing with the current ones.

Content Creation

It’s essential for companies to create a content campaign and then find more time to share content that will connect with your followers. There are a lot of marketing techniques and tools you can use in order to create infographics, blogs, or images. Here are our favourite ones:

#Tool 7. Canva – it is an amazing design and graphic platform you can apply to make stunning images for your blog or social networks.

#Tool 8. Feedly – services like Feedly is great for keeping track of blogs, online publications, and brand activity.

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