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10 Reasons to Consider Email Signature as Additional Marketing Channel

  1. What is an email signature?
  2. Promoting your campaigns with email signature marketing
  3. Use an email signature to brand your emails
  4. Increase social media engagement through email signature
  5. Share new promotional videos in the email signature banner
  6. Share company news in your email signature
  7. Tell about your new features and services
  8. Demo your product or offer a free consultation
  9. Promote content on your corporate blog in your email signature
  10. Offer a free trial
  11. Use an email signature as an additional traffic channel to promote your website or app
  12. Share your special promotions
  13. Integrating email signatures into your marketing strategy
  14. Tips on using email signatures as part of your marketing strategy

You have developed your app and got your mobile application launch planned. Now you are probably thinking, what else can you do to advertise your campaign?

It is not rare for businesses and startups to pay above $20k and entirely forget to consider a marketing strategy when launching a mobile app into the market and app stores.

Sure marketing your new app to reach and generate leads makes the already complex and often challenging tasks. Fortunately, hundreds of channels can become large promotional engines for your startup. Either because you never heard of them or you never thought to try them in a promotional way, it doesn't mean that they are not important digital marketing tools.

marketing potential of email signature

For example, you know about direct, personal emails. You can contact your potential users and spread the word about your campaign by using this channel. However, to make a good first impression and to encourage your recipients and potential customers to connect, your company can start using one small but effective email tool – email signatures. In a short time, with the first awesome results, you will realize the marketing potential of the email signature.

Click here to create an email signature and start your first email signature marketing campaign.


What is an email signature?

An email signature is a part of your message right after the closing line (such as "Regards"), which states your name and provides some more information about you, and your brand, along with the ways to contact you.

Using signatures is a subtle way to make a lasting impression on your contact. It is not just a quick shortcut to your contact details. It can be a powerful marketing tool for branding and achieving your marketing and business goals. What's best, it won't cost you much.

Let's see some handy things that an email signature can do for you and your business:

  • it informs recipients about you and your company
  • it educates about your brand
  • it encourages people to connect with you and your brand
  • it builds trust
  • it generates traffic to your company website
  • it notifies your contacts about your product, your activities, and deals
  • it helps you generate leads and get new customers.

Previously, we covered the pros and cons of each of the ways to create a professional email signature. Using email signature generators like Newoldstamp proved to be the most effective one. Online services allow you to easily design sign-offs for all of your team members without having to code, test for compatibility, or create and duplicate templates by yourself.

Promoting your campaigns with email signature marketing

If your email message is the channel – each employee's email signature can be the instrument that helps to brand and connect.

Promoting your campaigns with an email signature means utilizing each employee's email signature as an additional promotional channel - email signature ads. It is a great distribution vehicle to promote your brand.

Investing in growing your web presence through email signature campaigns can save you time, effort, and money. With the signature advertisement, you can improve engagement and relationships with recipients. Rather than forwarding additional contact details and promotional offers with each email, you can include all necessary information in your signature.

Promoting your campaigns with email signature marketing

Based on our report, 40% of marketers and sales reps send 18 personalized business emails daily. Multiplied by 20 workdays, an average employee at small and mid-size organizations participates in 360 personalized email conversations monthly. That's more than 4.000 targeted messages per year per team member.

Email signature marketing involves integrating promotional banners and various call-to-actions into your signature to support ongoing marketing campaigns and achieve your marketing goals effectively. It's a powerful strategy, especially considering the significant volume of personalized business emails sent daily by marketers and sales reps.

Now let's see how you can efficiently implement email signatures into your marketing strategy.

Promoting your campaigns with email signature marketing

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Email signature banner campaigns

You can try to complement your email signature with a banner. Here are some interim goals that you can accomplish with the help of banner campaigns:

  • advertise the latest content
  • promote new products or services
  • advertise deals (giveaways, coupons, discounts, trials)
  • advertise events
  • generate leads

mail signature banner campaigns

There are a few things to keep in mind when using banners in signatures.

Firstly, your entire signature must look consistent. Having a consistent email signature for everyone in your company is important! It creates a professional image and reinforces your brand. In fact, over 20% of people say a consistent brand image in emails is important to them.

Thus, don't use banners that are too bright or too colorful. Pay close attention to your email signature banner size.

Secondly, you need to be creative. Your banners can be static or animated, horizontally stretched, or side-aligned. The only requirement: make them clickable.

Before planning your efficient email signature campaign, it's crucial to identify the content and advertisement emails you need to deliver. Understanding what works best for your startup will help propel your business forward without risking a failed unprepared campaign becoming an internet meme. Let's find out what all of those employees' professional email signatures include, and how can you apply them.

Use an email signature to brand your emails

As each employee sends upwards of 10k emails per year, it is no wonder why marketers started to include a signature in advertising strategy. Email signatures are one of the best instruments that work in a promotional way.

Use an email signature to brand your emails

So what role plays a signature in the advertisement activity? The signature campaign is great for startups and established companies to advertise their business. For example, suppose you use Gmail or Yahoo! for sending your business's email messages. In that case, you can include an email signature block as an additional tool to display and market your developed mobile app, product, and services to a target audience.

When your email combines a cohesive signature with attractive offers, banners, and call-to-actions, which the Newoldstamp editor can easily manage, you can gain new users and improve relationships with existing clients.

To ensure your email messages are noticed, you can use personalized, employee-specific names and titles. You can use an email signature format to provide proper text structure and usage of colors or fonts. You can add your startup's branding data, and content and show your contact details. Moreover, if you keep sending emails with signatures, it may help authorize your identity, and your recipients will not mark your emails as spam.

Increase social media engagement through email signature

When you create an HTML email signature, you can include social media accounts like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to promote your business and entertain your recipients. Additionally, you can add links to Twitter media and other social account forums or content communities like Flickr and Vimeo and other podcasts of all various forms of social networks.

These created HTML email signature social media icons will involve building your business's network accounts and communities by allowing your customers to view and connect with you easily.

You can set up social media icons to your signature using the Newoldstamp HTML email signatures generator and encourage recipients to share their opinions, and testimonials or promote meetups and other discussions via social media links.

Increase social media engagement through email signature

Such an approach in email marketing strategy can be the best way to promote your brand or company and connect with your potential leads. 

But, on the other hand, try to identify your startup's goals and your target audience first before you start the signature advertisement.

Share new promotional videos in the email signature banner

The email signature is likely the most important thing your recipients will see wherever they check an email message. With the informative title and attention-grabbing content, you can share new promotional videos to help draw in viewers and subscribers.

You can add your YouTube profile page, and the link to the Vimeo website, or ensure that your included banner to promote videos shows your brand elements like colors, logo, icons, and other layouts. Do not forget to optimize your video channel descriptions before forwarding your recipients and visitors to the page.

Share new promotional videos in the email signature banner

Share company news in your email signature

By directing your recipients and visitors to the company's news page, you can give them a clear focus on how to act. You can add a promotional banner to your email signature and promote the latest corporate news.

Moreover, you do not need to hire designers and developers when adding a signature and link to your company's news into your email footer. You can design a professional email signature by using the Newoldstamp editor and HTML email signature templates. You can build your signature in a minute and stay in total control of your campaign and corporate news.

Tell about your new features and services

Your business email signature is a performance-based tool that can promote all your websites or apps' features and services to users and customers.

The signature can include advertisements of the latest features and services to market the business owner's goods, products, website, or app. To consider an email signature marketing campaign for your startup can be a great choice. You get mass coverage almost for free. It will help to make a profit, especially if you have a small budget.

Tell about your new features and services

It makes sense for companies to promote their newest tools and features by using email signatures alongside it will help build the web presence. It is not easy to find a similar one that acts as a corporate email signature in advertising and generates leads. However, with a custom email signature, you can promote your website's features and increase your views, improving the ROI of your strategy in minutes.

Demo your product or offer a free consultation

Your company, startup, or marketing team can simply make money – by promoting a product or offering free consultation via email signature. This means that you can demo your products and advertise them for free by only incorporating a company email signature into your employees' email messages.

Moreover, users and potential leads can purchase a product or service or register on your site or app after highlighting links to them in your corporate signatures.

Promote content on your corporate blog in your email signature

Besides your direct email, you can add an email signature to your corporate blog. Of course, every entrepreneur aims to increase their target audience, which is a determining factor in their success. When designing a good email signature for the blog, you have to keep in mind that it will be considered email signature advertising. So, follow a few significant things:

  • If you leave some information about your blog every time you comment or leave reviews or testimonials on other posts, it will help to increase your brand awareness.
  • To create a simple but effective signature in your blog, you have to avoid unnecessary information.
  • Your blog already shows visitors enough information so try to add only important details to your signature.
  • A great connection with users is necessary. You should ensure that you know all the negative testimonials that recipients and users may say if you send inappropriate content.

Promote content on your corporate blog in your email signature

When adding a new email signature, always think and review more than twice all mistakes that you can simply miss, but they are not easily forgiven. You are a blogger who writes and facilitates talks, so try to keep your copy clear and error-free. Be confident, and don't be deceptive.

Offer a free trial

Further, you can add a link or promotional banner to your well-designed email signatures to offer a free trial or subscriptions. Finally, you can calculate and analyze the success of a display advertising campaign in your signature with special trackable links.

It can be determined by calculating the number of clicks your signature banner receives, given the number of times the ad was displayed to the recipients.
Displaying website advertising with a free trial in your signature will not only help to promote your services and products, but it will also help to increase your web presence, reach out to more leads, and grow your brand awareness.

Use an email signature as an additional traffic channel to promote your website or app

According to the State of Business Email Marketing report, branding and driving traffic to the website are two main objectives of those who use email signatures for marketing. As you can see, promoting a mobile app on a website banner is not enough to get high results, and there is one more effective, simple, and cheap promotional channel.

You can add promotional links to your website, apps, and landing pages with a standard email signature format. In addition, you can design an email signature block and include graphical advertisement email signature banners next to other content. The advertisements of your website can be text, images, links to audio or YouTube and Vimeo videos, links to the pages with animation, or other interactive content that you have on your website or app.

Use an email signature as an additional traffic channel to promote your website or app

With an email signature advertisement, your startup or big company can be presented with advertisements of all sorts. Of course, that's exactly what email signatures may display, but it's important to remember that your marketing offers have to be relevant to what your customers are looking for. Moreover, you must update your marketing ads, information, and promotional banners in your email signature according to the appropriate time offers and up-to-date trends.

Share your special promotions

If your marketing team has an advertisement to promote, they can use an email signature call-to-action banner that will help to generate more leads and show the target audience special promotions. You can add a link to the special promotions that can also lead to:

  • Landing pages
  • Subscription forms
  • Websites or apps
  • Blogs or videos, etc.

The best business email signatures are the ones that leave a lasting impression. It's an easy task, especially if you use the right email signature editor.

An email signature is a great way not only to show your contact details and tell about yourself but leave a lasting impression and brand your website or mobile app. With the Newoldstamp free email signature generator, you can make your email signature in a few easy steps and get more attention for any online content and product promotion.

Share your special promotions

If you need to promote any of the above points or grow your startups or services, then it is probably time to begin leveraging your team's email signatures as a new online marketing tool. Check out what works for your business or marketing strategy. If you want to get more information, you can check more articles and contact the Newoldstamp team of experts.

Integrating email signatures into your marketing strategy

Here, we'll talk about email signatures in the context of marketing and sales campaigns. Below are several different ways of using signatures for marketing purposes:

  • as a part of the brand awareness strategy
  • as a tool for achieving specific department goals
  • as a supportive marketing instrument
  • as a part of the company's sales strategy

Email signatures as a part of your brand awareness strategy

Most people use their signatures to make their contact information easily accessible to their recipients. Why not use it to increase your brand awareness as well?

According to our research, 62% of businesses use sign-offs to give additional visibility to their businesses.

The signature can include not just your company's name and address. It can also comprise what the business is about and what it stands for.

The following elements of an email signature will help your business grow brand awareness:

  • Company's contact information
  • Link to your website
  • Company's logo
  • Company's slogan
  • A one-liner about what your business does
  • Link to the latest content
  • Link to your social media profiles and invitation to connect

Email signatures as a part of your brand awareness strategy

In any case, try to keep the email footer as concise as possible. List only the most essential information and apply best email signature practices when designing your business sign-off.

Email signatures to cover the goals of each department

You don't have to limit the use of signatures to your Marketing department only. Each department can reach its specific goals with signatures. Here are some examples of what different information teams in your company can include in their employees' business signatures.

Email signatures as a channel to support your ongoing marketing campaigns

You must understand that email signature marketing should not be your only marketing channel. Also, signatures alone won't drive business results. However, as a part of a purposeful marketing strategy, they can add value and improve your overall results.

It all works best together with other channels: email, social media ads, and retargeting. For example, you are having a sweepstakes on Facebook and want to have more participants. By adding a link to your Facebook campaign at the end of your email or placing a banner, you can make many of your email recipients join the sweepstake.

Here are some ideas for marketing teams to consider:

  • Links to social media
  • A link to the latest content
  • Case studies
  • Links to webinars or conferences that you are attending
  • Newsletter subscription link

Email signatures as a channel to support your ongoing marketing campaigns

Email signatures as part of your sales strategy

An email signature is not just a handy tool for your marketing department. Your sales team can benefit from it hugely as well.

Rather than trying to boost your sales by encouraging purchases with sales-y emails, try to create value. Add the call-to-action to the signature. Make your message useful and informative. It will also make it more human. This way, you won't likely scare away your prospective, new, or at-risk customers. You are not forcing them to do anything. You are giving them a choice instead (to pay attention to your signature or not; to take action or not).

Moreover, you can customize your closing part according to the specific customer groups and their needs. You'll be creating an even greater value when addressing those needs at the right time.

Take a look at these signature examples for sales teams:

  • Your current deals
  • Seasonal promotional banners
  • Demo request buttons
  • Client testimonials

Email signatures as part of your sales strategy

Client Relationships and Account Management department signatures

Customer relationship, success, and support teams actively communicate with existing customers. They have the closest relations and often help customers with some tech issues or support them when adopting new features. Having personalized signatures with photos will be a huge benefit. You'd agree that it's always great to know the person who helps you out.

The best signature marketing ideas for customer relationship teams

  • Company news
  • Product updates
  • Request to share a review of your product
  • Invitation to participate in the NPS survey

Client Relationships and Account Management department signatures

Email signature marketing for HR departments

You can compare the HR department and especially recruiters to sales reps. They send hundreds of emails to potential employees, "selling" job offers. An email signature is a great way to make email more friendly and increase a candidate's trust in the offer. Moreover, the email signature is a great way to share internal company updates.

Here are some ideas for HR email signatures:

  • Contact information
  • Link to the careers page
  • Job ad banners
  • A link to the corporate video
  • Invitation to participate in an internal event
  • Information about upcoming corporate party

Email signature marketing for HR departments

Tips on using email signatures as part of your marketing strategy

What should you consider when working with email signatures to utilize them most productively? Enjoy some tips that will help you get the most out of email signatures.

Plan your email signature strategy

The easiest way to start is to use an email signature as a tool to increase your brand awareness. Having implemented this part, you can consider going deeper:

  • add promotional banners that will support your ongoing marketing campaigns
  • segment signature messages based on your sales and marketing pipeline
  • share just occasional offers for your potential customers
  • created different email signature campaigns to support departments' goals

Create a signature template to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

Every company team member can and should be your brand ambassador. Create a standardized email signature template in line with your brand book for all employees. Teach them to use their signatures to raise brand awareness among their contacts. Then ask each department about their goals to customize it accordingly by adding banners or call-to-action buttons.

The easiest way to create email signatures for the entire company would be using email signature management solutions like Newoldstamp. It will save you days of manual work. Most of these solutions have central management and automatic updates of employees' signatures without involving them.

Plan your email signature strategy

Use promotional banner campaigns

Let a promotional banner be your email signature marketing tool. Add it to your email signatures to drive your business and marketing goals. Use them to share offers, grow followers, promote services and products, and advertise events. Update your banners regularly. It's not rocket science to update banners in personal signatures. However, when we talk about company-wide campaigns, it would be tricky. If you are considering running regular email signature marketing campaigns, using the signature software with banner scheduling would be a great option.

Promote your content with signatures

Use the power of signature for content distribution. Sharing your latest content with your subscribers is always great. Try promoting your blog updates and company news with your contacts as well. Let your Marketing department come up with effective calls to action for better results.

Showcase your achievements to build trust

Help your Sales team build trust and gain credibility from the first emails. Add company awards, user ratings, or customer testimonials to their signatures.

Enable signature link tracking

Create the UTM codes and track them in Google Analytics. In your GA menu, go to the Campaigns tab and see how your links perform. Another option is to check analytics in the signature software. Newoldstamp tracks click on the signature elements and views, providing all the necessary information to measure the performance. Use the results to see what's working best for you and to make further improvements.

   Enable signature link tracking


Many professionals forget to 'marketize' highly personalized business emails while chasing the personalization in marketing newsletters.

Never underestimate the role of email signatures in your marketing campaigns. Learn to use them effectively and get the most out of them. Experiment with banners, links, and content to promote. Add a splash of color to your footer, but keep it humble still. Finally, track how your signature campaigns perform and never stop improving them.


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