We know the power of email signatures

NEWOLDSTAMP makes your signature work for you as a marketing channel with minimum effort

Connect more

Make it easier for people to connect, get more clients

Sell more

Create banners to promote your offers, new products, and events

Boost brand consistency

Enhance visual presence of your company and brand. Standardize email signatures of all employees

Grow followers

Add social media buttons so your readers can follow your pages

We get really excited about email signatures, like really excited

But we can show you it's not weird! We have known the power of email signatures for a while now, but saw that most people still didn't use a signature to do their marketing and branding for them. And it makes sense, it costs a lot of time and recourses to create a good email signature. Especially for companies that have to manage multiple signatures. They might have a basic, unappealing signature but it's just there, sitting around doing nothing. A missed opportunity, is what we thought. That's why we made it our mission to share the benefits and effects of having a good email signature.

We've been improving our email signature generator since 2015 to give you best experience

In 2015 we started with a simple free tool to generate email signatures for individuals. It quickly became clear to us that there was a huge demand from professionals and organization for more features to include in their business email signature to be able to promote their content, brand their business, or generate more leads. A year later, we launched PREMIUM and added features and designs, and the possibility to standardize and centrally damage each signature within the organization. And now in 2017, we launched our newest version with even more designs, more features, and even built-in analytics.

We are close-knit team that works continuously to make our product even better and providing our users with the best experience, while at the same time keeping our price as low as possible.