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9 Awesome Email Marketing Statistics of a Year

Mail marketing is recognized as the best way to get leads and sell. Sounds promising. However, how to prove it? We collected the best email marketing statistics to give you an insight into a field and help to understand how people interact with your letters.

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The number of emails sent daily exceeded the number of people on Earth in 28 times

Yes, statistics on marketing prove: people send over 205 billion messages daily. As Research Firm Radicati informs, this number seems to grow by 5% every year. 93,1 of them are consumer letters. In average, a person receives 122 mails daily. Marketing stats tells that average employee spends 13 hours in a mailbox (McKinsey & Company).

Desktop devices retire according to email stats

For 53% of letters people use their mobile devices (Campaign Monitor). For Gmail, these marketing statistics are even more interesting: 75% (TechCrunch). Moreover, 23% of readers will return to a letter later (Campaign Monitor) - maybe, they opened it just by a force of habit, so hold it over until they will have time.

Mobile users are less likely to interact with your letter

The growth of mobile users is not beneficial to marketers: email stats tell that only one out of three clicks occur via a mobile device. However, opening a letter from a computer, people are 65% more likely to click.

Emails still remain the most reliable way to deliver a message

Only 2% your Facebook followers see your updates while 90% of mails are delivered to a box (Forrester Research). Such message is 5x more often seen than post via Facebook. An email order value according to marketing industry statistics is three times higher comparing to social media.

People are more inclined to buy after receiving emails

After getting a targeted letter, being based on previous shopping habits, 81% of shoppers are likely to buy (eMarketer). Stats on email marketing say that 4.24% visitors from a mail buy something, comparing to 2.49% from search engines and 0.59 from social media (Monetate).

Email marketing ROI is awesome

However, email stats on sales depend much on a source. In particular, many people claim that 1% of conversions and purchases is optimal result. According to Campaign Monitor, every $1 spend on mail marketing generates $38 in return. Average revenue per email is $0.10 (Experian). Therefore, ROI is impressing.

The best frequency is two per month

As Database Marketing Institute email marketing statistics revealed, the highest open rate is achieved by 2 messages a month. 57% of your newsletter subscribers spend up to 60 minutes a week reading them (ChoozOn).

Personalized messages rock

Click rate of personalized email is 14% higher while conversion is 10% better (Aberdeen). 74% marketers claim that personalization increases customer engagement.

Stats on email marketing prove that businessmen want to invest into mailing

75% of enterprises are going to invest into personalized messages (VentureBeat). 53% of marketers have figured out that regular personalized communication with already existing customers impacts the revenue (DemandGen).

Therefore, email marketing statistics proves that mails have power, and it’s up to you how to use it. Anyway, writing good emails you may increase your ROI and attract more visitors.


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