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Сreate Email Signature Online. Best Free Generator.

Signature for email can be used not only as a logical ending of a message and source of your main contact details, but also as a powerful tool to enhance your digital marketing activity, generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Newoldstamp email signature generator will help you build professional and visually appealing email signature in few simple steps. Our broad selection of custom email signature templates will ensure your email signature is tailored to your specific business needs.

Templates in Newoldstamp email signature maker conform to the best practices of email signature creation. Thus, they not only have refined look and feel, but also work as a powerful marketing tool. Also, Newoldstamp html email signature templates are built to work across all major email clients and devices.

Follow these simple steps to create signature online with Newoldstamp:

  • Browse our broad range of professionally crafted email signature templates in Newoldstamp online signature maker. Choose the layout that meets your business needs and style, and customize it further.
  • Populate the signature with personal and corporate information you would like to appear in your signature. Concentrate on the most substantial things, and avoid adding too many information blocks.
  • Add your photo or the company logo, and link it to your personal or company website. Place photo that gives strong professional impression and avoid holiday-style photos.
  • Choose the colors of your signature. Try to match them to the color of your logo to maintain the style consistency.
  • Upload your banner and link it to your website, latest blog post, e-book, upcoming event, or any other element of your marketing campaign.
  • Choose the font that fits your corporate branding and style.
  • Add social media buttons, choose their size and color, and insert hyperlinks to your social media profiles. Avoid including social media that don’t blend well with your professional activity.
  • If necessary, add a legal disclaimer.
  • Make sure your signature is fine-tuned and visually appealing.
  • When complete, click the “Save” button.
  • Simply export your ready custom signature to Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or any other email client, and give your company a professional vibe!