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NEWOLDSTAMP – simple and smart online signature generator

In global world, the level of formality in online communication decreases, but the level of formality in attribution increases. For instance, your email address has to include your name, your profile has to be equipped with your photo, and every letter has to end up with an email signature. While address and photo can be easily managed in mail client, we can help you solving the last option.

How to make your email marketing beneficial for people

Sometimes email marketing turns into a mess – many newsletters which hit the spam folder more often than the eyes of the readers. How to fix that? How can your clients feel the benefits of email marketing – and so you can? The simple rule tells: take care, not sale. And they will love you.

How to apply A/B testing to your emails

Every internet marketer knows the secrets of successful online campaign: know your audience, use best practices and test, test, test. A/B testing is crucial when it comes to newsletters. How to apply it properly? Here are our simple advices, based on personal experience.

Top 10 email services

How many email addresses does an average user have? 2-3? We are not sure about that. However, we definitely know the most popular free email services used worldwide. Are you looking for a provider to create a mailbox? Let’s take a look at top 10 email services in 2016.