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NEWOLDSTAMP – simple and smart online signature generator

In global world, the level of formality in online communication decreases, but the level of formality in attribution increases. For instance, your email address has to include your name, your profile has to be equipped with your photo, and every letter has to end up with an email signature. While address and photo can be easily managed in mail client, we can help you solving the last option.

Top 10 email services

How many email addresses does an average user have? 2-3? We are not sure about that. However, we definitely know the most popular free email services used worldwide. Are you looking for a provider to create a mailbox? Let’s take a look at top 10 email services in 2016.

5 most popular mistakes that you make with you email signature

5-mistakesIf your email has a lame subject, no one is going to read it. On average, we receive about 50 emails per day, and some of us can receive up to a hundred.

But let’s assume you’ve managed to think of a good subject line and your email has got opened. You may think your job’s done, but there is another element you might want to reconsider, if you want to stand out to the reader. It’s your signature.