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6 Steps to Create a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

Сomparing to outbound strategies, inbound helps to attract people and turn them into business leads naturally. And at this point, inbound marketing is quickly becoming a must for startups and tech giants that want to market their brand effectively.

How to make your email marketing beneficial for people

Sometimes email marketing turns into a mess – many newsletters which hit the spam folder more often than the eyes of the readers. How to fix that? How can your clients feel the benefits of email marketing – and so you can? The simple rule tells: take care, not sale. And they will love you.

Opportunities you lose without an email banner

How much efforts do you spend promoting your project or business online? And how much money are gone? Looking for the highest ROI and the best results, we often miss opportunities which are right in front of our eyes. Do you have an inbox? Let me tell you about your 1 million chance – email banner.

9 awesome email marketing statistics of a year

Mail marketing is recognized as the best way to get leads and sell. Sounds promising. However, how to prove it? We collected the best email marketing statistics to give you an insight into a field and help to understand how people interact with your letters.

Creating an HTML email signature on your iPhone or iPad is EASY!

iphone-email-signature-2While using the Mail application on your Apple device, you must have been wondering how you could connect it to other social networks accounts. Adding an HTML link to the certain site or your contact information, numerous links to network accounts gives great opportunities to conditioning your professional contacts, or even providing your partners some useful information without even asking. Let’s take a look at few steps to creating an HTML signature on your iPhone or iPad.

5 Reasons to Test Every Email Before You Send

split-testEvery email, whether written from scratch or by means of pre-made templates, needs to be tested before the “send” button is pushed. Even if you are using a template that you’ve used hundreds of times before, there is always a risk that an email program or application will break your design, images, subject line or links.