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Business email signature: how people use it

A business email signature is the feature of high professional competency and respect to your recipient. It shows out the level of your culture and etiquette. However, these are not the only benefits of it. How people use it? Let’s take a look.

11 Awesome Free Blogging Tools

blogging-toolsBlogging nowadays has become a part of agenda. We can find various thematic and specialized blogs that would fit any taste. However, what happens if you try starting your own blog? Surely, there are certain obstacles you might meet on this path, but none of them is unconquerable. We are going to tell you about 11 free tools to improve your blogging and make your way from newbie to skilled professional.

5 Reasons to Test Every Email Before You Send

split-testEvery email, whether written from scratch or by means of pre-made templates, needs to be tested before the “send” button is pushed. Even if you are using a template that you’ve used hundreds of times before, there is always a risk that an email program or application will break your design, images, subject line or links.