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Key Points of Effective Prospecting Email

Today’s business environment requires a salesperson to master delivery of effective prospecting emails as a core part of the sales strategy. How many prospects respond to your first emails? Are you sure you stand out of the crowd?

How to make your email marketing beneficial for people

Sometimes email marketing turns into a mess – many newsletters which hit the spam folder more often than the eyes of the readers. How to fix that? How can your clients feel the benefits of email marketing – and so you can? The simple rule tells: take care, not sale. And they will love you.

11 groups of spam words to avoid in your letter

Email marketing is not simple spreading your newsletters into thousands of folders. It’s a real art. To manage it properly, you should have both inspirations for engaging content, and knowledge of techniques in order not to be banned by the mail client. This process consists of many details.

How to add HTML email signature to your letters

Plain text looks pretty fine but you desire to make your signature much better, much more professional? It’s not a problem. People who already have it are not the wizards, they just use proper software and a bit of imagination. Let’s learn how to create an HTML email signature.

Tips to make your email signature looking professional

Creating a signature you probably expect that it will serve your marketing needs. However, it does not always happen and even cause opposite things: people dislike your letter. But what is the problem? How to make professional email signature? The secrets are below.