iPhone/iPad Installation Guide

Create and customize your iPhone/iPad signature using NEWOLDSTAMP Editor.

After you have created your NEWOLDSTAMP signature follow these simple steps to set it up in iPhone/iPad.

Step 1.

Select iPhone/iPad tab below the Signature preview.


Step 2

Send Signature to iPhone (mail with your signature will be automatically sent to your email).


Step 3

Open that email in your iPhone/iPad, highlight whole signature and Copy it.


Step 4

Go to iPhone/iPad Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Signature


Choose the signature field and Paste your signature.

After pasting your signature into the box, you will notice that it lost its original formatting.


Step 5

So you need to Shake your iPhone/iPad and press Undo.

This happens because iPhone/iPad added its own codding and you need to remove it.


Congratulations! Now you will see you new signature in every email you send with iPhone/iPad.

If you want to modify your signature in future, go to NEWOLDSTAMP Editor, make the changes, click Save button and repeat the steps above.